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A full line of professional hair products including color, wet line and treatments that is sold throughout the world. Developed with the latest European technology, Tec Italy is dedicated to quality. Its patented formulas hydrate, repair and protect the hair with botanical extracts from nature combined with modern components.

Amino Keratin Treatment – The “Ultimate Treatment” for restoring and repairing over processed and dehydrated hair. This Tec Italy formula is rich in botanicals with solar filters and human Keratin.

Animo Keratin Treatment
Distributed by VeroBeauty Distributors

Step by step instructions on how to achieve amazing results by using botanicals with solar filters and human keratin

Step 1: Wash the hair with Profound Shampoo by Tec Italy which will leave the hair more receptive to the treatment. Massage softly and leave the shampoo on the hair for 2-3 minutes. Repeat if necessary. (skip this step if hair has just been color treated or bleached).

Step 2: Wash the hair with Massimo Shampoo by Tec Italy. This shampoo is highly hydrating and should be left on the hair for 5 minutes. Rinse hair and towel dry gently.

Step 3: Prepare the reconstructing treatment by mixing equal parts of Fase A, Ultra Tricone and Fase B, Ultra Tricoerba by Tec Italy. Apply to the hair from root to end and comb through for distribution.

Step 4: Place plastic cap over the hair and process under the hair dryer for approximately 20 minutes.

Step 5: Mix equal parts of Amino Keratin and Metamorfosi Leave-in cream by Tec Italy (approximately the size of an almond of each product). Mix products in your hands and apply to the hair distributing it throughout.

Step 6:Blow dry the hair completely without using brushes or combs. Once hair is completely dry, start to flat iron hair section by section. Hair is left, smooth, silky and restored.

The “Ultimate Treatment” for restoring and repairing over processed and dehydrated hair.


I used to have long, healthy, strong and shiny hair. A few years ago I got heart troubles. I take a lot of medication. My hair became very weak. It became frizzy and dull and dry. I tried TecItaly Tonico Shampoo and it instantly improved. My hair is shiny and stronger with the FIRST use. After trying the shampoo, I was so impressed that I decided to use the Lumina Forza Colore. It has a protein base and provides a rich, shiny temporary color. All sorts of choices for the color too! I will never use anything but TecItaly due to the beauty of the hair as well as the conditioning aspect of the color product. Thanks so much for making this product available in the US!!

Lisa Hulsbeck