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TIGI copyright©olour has been developed to allow total freedom to mix colours any and every way whilst having the confidence that results will be as expected. Comprised of a fully intermixable collection of individually crafted shades, TIGI copyright©olour eliminates the need for colour rules. Providing a colouring palette from which limitless colour creations can be crafted, the TIGI copyright©olour range allows each and every client to have unique colour personalised for their needs.

Anthony Mascolo
International Creative Director

Our Philosophy

Creative Intelligence

It's about progression. Keeping the art of hairdressing fresh. Dynamic. Alive. Balancing expression and invention with the skills and precise technical understanding that set creativity free.

It's about gaining recognition for the craft, artistry and dedication that we put into hairdressing. Celebrating the journey, not just the destination whether you're just starting out in hairdressing or you are a household name.

Creative Intelligence has led us to develop specialist products tools that encourage creativity. Brands that hairdressers and consumers love.

Creative Intelligence has shown us that hairdressing is key to progressing the art and craft of hairdressing; keeping it fresh, Alive.

Creative Intelligence drives everything we do and who we do it for.

Tools For Creativity

Like salon owners, we understand that not all clients are the same. TIGI has the brands for all your client needs. Bed Head for the young and fearless, with an 'anything goes' hair styling attitude. Catwalk for a sophisticated woman living a fashion savvy lifestyle. S-factor for clients inspired by celebrity hair styles, smooth, shiny and glamorous. Or TIGI Hair Reborn for the most discerning client who desires the ultimate in luxurious hair care performance.

And if it’s colour you are after, our new TIGI copyright©olour range creates infinite possibilities. 100% intermixable. Every colourist stays inspired. Every client receives bespoke results. Every client receives bespoke results. With TIGI Cosmetics designed by the makeup artists, we encourage people to have fun with their makeup, expressing different styles in every occasion.

Our Heritage

By Hairdressers For Hairdressers

It sounds obvious. But this founding principle is what makes TIGI stand out from the crowd. A simple thought that remains as powerful as ever today.

It means that we absolutely understand what hairdressers want. And need. Anthony Mascolo & the International Creative Team constantly updating the work we do.

Redefining standards of excellence in hairdressing creativity and technical skill. Driving hairdressing into an art form.